My name is Zorana or short Zoki. I am an artist, an illustrator, mother of 3 and a wife. An art teacher by profession that found love in illustration. I enjoy finer things in life, especially when it comes to food, chocolate, and coffee.

I love creating artwork for kids. It is the love of drawing, love of kids and educational value which can be found in art that inspires me over and over again. I always preferred to paint than being a school teacher but still wanted to stay in connection with kids and education. I found that combination in illustration.

My characters are usually playful, warm and dreamy. I often put them in a surreal world with a lot of white space around as I think it adds tranquillity to them and lets them breathe. I like to create a certain emotional sensation for the viewer. Subjects are usually childlike, whimsy and floral.

I’d like for you and your children to be intrigued by these images and start asking questions i.e. why is this meadow floating, why is her hair gray, how come there are strawberries in the sea etc. provoke yours and their imagination. I’d like you and your children to notice little things, different things that are put together in an unordinary way. Being an illustrator can be so much more than just accompany words with illustrations.

With love, Zorana