Are you a dragon or a unicorn?

14/05/2018By Zorana ŽivićAnimals

Are you a dragon or a unicorn? Most of us like animals, don’t we? We even perceive ourselves as a certain type of animal that we like in particular and perceive others in this way, too. They are always a good drawing material. I’ve noticed boys have a tendency towards drawing spiders, snakes, tigers and … Read More

Get yourself an umbrella, the yellow one!

11/05/2018By Zorana ŽivićWhimsy

Get yourself an umbrella, the yellow one. I’ve noticed I often paint umbrellas. I am not sure why. Maybe they remind me of my childhood. People are usually moody when it’s rainy and they have to take an umbrella with them. I see it as a happy, childlike element, something positive, colourful, something that brings … Read More


11/05/2018By Zorana ŽivićSpecial occasion, Uncategorized

This is the place. This is my #happyplace. I come here when I need some peace and to rest my eyes. This is the place where I get lost in the world of flowers. The place where my whimsy characters live. The place where little happy faces greet me. The place where colours are kind and … Read More