It's finally here! My calendar for 2021. This year I’ve decided that we needed to cuddle a bit. You will enjoy the company of cute, whimsy fairies and fragrant teas.

Calendar cover page

Calendar consists of 12 illustrations that I’ve painted with watercolours, pastel colours and gouache. Its dimensions are 30x30 cm or about 11 ¾ inches per side. For printing, I’ve used a gorgeous, slightly coloured and quite thick paper. In this way, each illustration can become a wonderful memory even in a frame.

Inside of a calendar

Each illustration tells us the story of a particular month and accompanies us with the fragrant scents of herbs. Each month is dedicated to a specific herb or a blend of herbs. It is up to you, to interpret the choice of the herbs.

Cookie boy

Drinking tea is experienced as a pleasant activity and reminds us of safety and comfort. This pleasant feeling is complemented by the joy of whimsy children. The intention is to conjure up a pleasant atmosphere for the next year. The year 2020 has touched us all in one way or another. In my opinion it is very important to find ways which invoke pleasant thoughts and well-being in us, so that we can sail through the next year more easily.

One of the months displaying Tilia

If you want your copy, quickly check my Etsy store to see if any are still available.

A fairy sleeping in a rose