I hosted my first "Draw this in your style" challenge in September featuring the Flower girl. What fun! I chose my dream, a flower girl as a motif. What are these challenges about? It is about the illustrator submitting one of his or her own illustrations and specifying a hashtag that can be used by others who like to draw it in their own style. The illustration of a guest illustrator is like a conceptual design, and everyone can change the shape, colour, medium... practically anything.

Do take a look at the challenge on my Instagram page.

The most interesting part about these challenges is seeing the myriad of different interpretations of a conceptual design. Each person has their own unique style. No single one is the same. It’s also great that anyone can participate. They can be other fellow illustrators, amateur artists, people who don't draw but find it fun, children, retirees, literally anyone. Anyone who finds the challenge fun.

For me personally, these types of challenges have been very helpful in developing a personal style. I learned a lot from them because they are a kind of an exercise. One can simply research and experiment without any pressure and it just can’t go wrong.

From everyone who've participated in the challenge, my favorite part is to see it when people send me their children's drawings! That’s when I feel a real warmth in my heart. I again feel the connection with art pedagogy, a part of me that I sometimes miss.

Have fun too! Use #zokiartflowergirl and #dtiyszokiart or tag me on your creation. I will be happy to see what you create!