The course

In August, I attended an online course with renowned art agent Lila Rogers and art director Zoe Tucker, Make Art That Sells. I’ve wanted to attend their online course Illustrating Children's Books for a very long time, but the time never suited me, as the course lasts as many as 5 intensive weeks. This year I cleared the calendar for August and said to myself, it’s time!

Girl on a bicycle with a balloon


At first, I approached the course with fear and a lot of trepidation. Again thinking to myself, what will they think, what is she doing here with these illustrations... Well, it turned out to be a great investment! The course is really well set up and broken down to small steps for each day. The teachers are fantastic. They motivate you to push yourself, each time a bit more time. And best of all, you notice the progress with each new illustration you create.

Little girl with a balloon and storm clouds


How it looked like

In the course, we chose one story from which we then made a presentation for our portfolio. Each week one big task. I chose the story from Zoe, Bob, because I was immediately drawn to the airiness of the balloon, which is often repeated in my illustrations. Now that the course is complete, I will go in peace once again over the entire material and supplement my portfolio with another story written by Lila. And I hope you can admire them soon on my new PORTFOLIO tab. : D

Little girl dancing on a balloon

Despite the fact that I have already illustrated a few picture books, my greatest desire is to work with larger clients and publishers, especially in the field of children's illustration. And I think that this course gave me a new impetus, a ton of new knowledge, both technical and substantive, and a lot of motivation to tackle things properly and with even more zeal.

Little girl in a yellow bathing suit

Loved it

I highly recommend the course to anyone who is interested in children's illustration or is already involved in children's illustration. I will definitely attend it again.

Btw, this is not sponsored in any way. I just really loved the course!


A little girl interacting with baools