Happy 2021

23/12/2020By Zorana ŽivićUncategorized

All the best wishes for the upcoming year I am happy you are here! I send you good wishes. In the New year to come, I wish that you to take your steps firmly and confidently on the path you have chosen. I wish that you meet many smiling faces along the way and that … Read More

Calendar 2021

08/11/2020By Zorana ŽivićProjects, Special occasion

It’s finally here! My calendar for 2021. This year I’ve decided that we needed to cuddle a bit. You will enjoy the company of cute, whimsy fairies and fragrant teas. Calendar consists of 12 illustrations that I’ve painted with watercolours, pastel colours and gouache. Its dimensions are 30×30 cm or about 11 ¾ inches per … Read More

Submission for Redpaperkite

07/11/2020By Zorana ŽivićAnimals, Character design, Whimsy

In October, I took part in a competition hosted by a smaller publishing house Redpaperkite from Australia. As soon as I saw that they would be hosting a competition in the summer, I knew that I wanted to take part in it. The books they publish are extremely beautiful to me and I would like … Read More

Sleepy Twinkle Star

18/10/2020By Zorana ŽivićWhimsy

I’ve always wanted to join The Folktale week challenge. The concept of it has always been appealing to me and folktales are very much close to me. I believe my illustration style goes pretty well with this type of literature. So last year I finally did participate with few illustrations and this one below was … Read More


17/10/2020By Zorana Živić

How I approach sketching I think sketching every day is one of the most important parts of being an illustrator. This is the work and the practice that is not seen by the public. This is something I learned when attending the MATS ICB7 course with Lila and Zoe. I am not that type of … Read More

Draw This In Your Style challenge – Flower girl

29/09/2020By Zorana Živić

I hosted my first “Draw this in your style” challenge in September featuring the Flower girl. What fun! I chose my dream, a flower girl as a motif. What are these challenges about? It is about the illustrator submitting one of his or her own illustrations and specifying a hashtag that can be used by … Read More

Interview for Illustration Now

26/09/2020By Zorana ŽivićInterviews

I’ve done an interview for Blackwork and Illustration Now! last year. They are a blog that promotes badass illustrators. I was very happy when they included me in their set of illustrators and invited me for an interview.  You have one day to live, how do you spend it? This is an easy one. I … Read More

Stay Humble

12/09/2019By Zorana ŽivićUncategorized, Uncategorized

Stay Humble When the sun risesAnd the waves crumbleThey never show offAnd always stay humble When animals developAnd the silver linings bendThey respect each otherAnd never dare to offend When the roots need waterThen the heavens pourThey don’t abandon each otherWhen they are needed more Just like the sunWe are natures gifts tooWhat gives us … Read More