The Moon And The Stars

12/09/2019By Zorana Živić

The motifs I paint There was a moon and there were stars. The truth is that I enjoy dreamy-like, gentler motifs, so I can hardly resist these stellar bodies. And it’s the same with water. I was going through my illustrations the other day and realised I keep repeating these motifs, completely subconsciously. As if … Read More


19/08/2019By Zorana ŽivićUncategorized

I have been especially attracted to experimenting with transparency recently. The most practical motif for this kind of experiment is flowers. And water. Water maybe even more so. Flowers represent tenderness, fragility, but also energy with their numerous color shades. Once you try to create them by using the watercolor technique, you will get the … Read More

Jotters with flowery prints

19/08/2019By Zorana Živić

Jotters with flowery prints Why you should make your personal projects? I find it really important for any artist to get involved into their own projects, be it big or small (i.e. my jotters).  Firstly, it gives you a special pleasure. And secondly, it indulges your passion for illustration. However, These do not need to … Read More

Not a Splendid Year

04/01/2019By Zorana ŽivićSpecial occasion

Not Splendid Year Today is exactly one year since I’ve gathered the courage, rolled my sleeves up, took my brush and painted the year 2018 for myself. I will not argue that everything was splendid. If I did, I would be lying. Everyone who claims differently is. You cannot know what splendid is if you … Read More

Are you a dragon or a unicorn?

14/05/2018By Zorana ŽivićAnimals

Are you a dragon or a unicorn? Most of us like animals, don’t we? We even perceive ourselves as a certain type of animal that we like in particular and perceive others in this way, too. They are always a good drawing material. I’ve noticed boys have a tendency towards drawing spiders, snakes, tigers and … Read More

Get yourself an umbrella, the yellow one!

11/05/2018By Zorana ŽivićWhimsy

Get yourself an umbrella, the yellow one. I’ve noticed I often paint umbrellas. I am not sure why. Maybe they remind me of my childhood. People are usually moody when it’s rainy and they have to take an umbrella with them. I see it as a happy, childlike element, something positive, colourful, something that brings … Read More


11/05/2018By Zorana ŽivićSpecial occasion, Uncategorized, Uncategorized

This is the place. This is my #happyplace. I come here when I need some peace and to rest my eyes. This is the place where I get lost in the world of flowers. The place where my whimsy characters live. The place where little happy faces greet me. The place where colours are kind and … Read More