Floral Jotters

Jotters with flowery prints  

I find it really important for any artist to get involved into their own projects, be it big or small, and do them with pleasure, just to indulge their passion for illustration. These do not need to be projects that are only business-oriented. I see them as an important part of any artist’s personal style, which allows them to be their own boss with their own rules and requirements. You thus become more skillful, more assertive in showing your very own ‘illustrative self’ because you don’t fall under the influence of someone else. This should not feel like a job that needs to be done but rather your passion, the driving force which made you become an artist in the first place.

The challenge I have set for myself this time was the selection of motifs that resemble children’s illustrations. I have picked solely flowery motifs that are, in a narrative sense, less specific and thus more interesting for the public. Therefore, two motifs have been created which have only flowers in different warm and feminine color shades. Well, with the exception of one motif where I simply couldn’t resist the temptation of putting a few flowers into the hair of a dreamy little girl. All three motifs were then printed on hardcover jotters. I decided to leave the interior blank and in this way leave some room for creativity since one can actually use it as a notebook, diary, small recipe jotter or even a sketchbook.

The flowers always appear as something fresh and nostalgic at the same time. What a crazy combination.