Calendar 2021

08/11/2020By Zorana ŽivićProjects, Special occasion

It’s finally here! My calendar for 2021. This year I’ve decided that we needed to cuddle a bit. You will enjoy the company of cute, whimsy fairies and fragrant teas. Calendar consists of 12 illustrations that I’ve painted with watercolours, pastel colours and gouache. Its dimensions are 30×30 cm or about 11 ¾ inches per … Read More


17/10/2020By Zorana ŽivićUncategorized

How I approach sketching I think sketching every day is one of the most important parts of being an illustrator. This is the work and the practice that is not seen by the public. This is something I learned when attending the MATS ICB7 course with Lila and Zoe. I am not that type of … Read More

Illustrating children’s books – MATS ICB7

27/09/2020By Zorana Živić

The course In August, I attended an online course with renowned art agent Lila Rogers and art director Zoe Tucker, Make Art That Sells. I’ve wanted to attend their online course Illustrating Children’s Books for a very long time, but the time never suited me, as the course lasts as many as 5 intensive weeks. … Read More

Jotters with flowery prints

19/08/2019By Zorana ŽivićWhimsy, Whimsy

Jotters with flowery prints Why you should make your personal projects? I find it really important for any artist to get involved into their own projects, be it big or small (i.e. my jotters).  Firstly, it gives you a special pleasure. And secondly, it indulges your passion for illustration. However, These do not need to … Read More

Cvetka Herbal Estate – Zeliščno posestvo Cvetka

16/08/2019By Zorana Živić

  Cvetka herbal estate – Zeliščno posestvo Cvetka What is Cvetka? Cvetka herbal estate is a company owned by Katarina Kovačič, B.Sc. (Biotechnology). Katarina found her love and passion in nature. All herbs that can be found in their aromatic products are ecologically produced, manually sown, sieved, hoed several times, reaped and adequately dried. You … Read More