How I approach sketching

I think sketching every day is one of the most important parts of being an illustrator. This is the work and the practice that is not seen by the public. This is something I learned when attending the MATS ICB7 course with Lila and Zoe. I am not that type of illustrator that takes her sketchbook everywhere. I mean, I do take it but I can’t draw just anywhere. Usually I am too easily distracted and people watching me are just too much pressure. It is not a relaxing and creative environment for me. Instead I take random photos of things that impress me and make sketches later when I am in my peaceful environment.

Hairdos sketches

Hats sketches

How the sausage gets made

What I usually do is the following: I have a sketchbook which does not look nice. In it I draw very, very rough sketches and other ideas I want to create. Sometimes I also write them down.  All the research I do about different subjects is also in there. It looks extremely messy and I don’t show it around much ? Most of the drawings are made with the graphite pencil. Then, when I decide what I want to do with these ideas, I make another round of sketches. These second ones look basically like small vignettes. They are neat. Coloured. With details. Usually I use high quality paper for these because I want to know how the colour will behave. This way I make it like a library of random things and when i need to paint a real painting I just look at my library and pick what I need. Of course I usually alter shapes and colours but this is how my paintings come to life.

Tea pots sketches

Accessories sketches

The good way to motivate yourself to sketch if you have a creative block or don’t have an idea what to draw is to participate in different weekly, monthly or yearly prompts and challenges like Inktober, 100dayproject, dtiys, Folktaleweek etc.

Children's clothing sketches