Sleepy Twinkle Star

18/10/2020By Zorana Živić

I’ve always wanted to join The Folktale week challenge. The concept of it has always been appealing to me and folktales are very much close to me. I believe my illustration style goes pretty well with this type of literature. So last year I finally did participate with few illustrations and this one below was … Read More

Jotters with flowery prints

19/08/2019By Zorana ŽivićProjects, Projects

Jotters with flowery prints Why you should make your personal projects? I find it really important for any artist to get involved into their own projects, be it big or small (i.e. my jotters).  Firstly, it gives you a special pleasure. And secondly, it indulges your passion for illustration. However, These do not need to … Read More

”Male baletke in njihove cvetke” – Little Ballerinas

19/08/2019By Zorana ŽivićPicture book

”Male baletke in njihove cvetke” – Little Ballerinas Short intro. This book is Tanja Pečenko’s collection of witty statements/wise thoughts by young ballerinas, as well as conversations with them. Tanja is a young ballet teacher. She has been collecting these statements for many years.  In a very humorous way this book dispels the stereotypical image … Read More

Cvetka Herbal Estate – Zeliščno posestvo Cvetka

16/08/2019By Zorana ŽivićProjects

  Cvetka herbal estate – Zeliščno posestvo Cvetka What is Cvetka? Cvetka herbal estate is a company owned by Katarina Kovačič, B.Sc. (Biotechnology). Katarina found her love and passion in nature. All herbs that can be found in their aromatic products are ecologically produced, manually sown, sieved, hoed several times, reaped and adequately dried. You … Read More

Get yourself an umbrella, the yellow one!

11/05/2018By Zorana Živić

Get yourself an umbrella, the yellow one. I’ve noticed I often paint umbrellas. I am not sure why. Maybe they remind me of my childhood. People are usually moody when it’s rainy and they have to take an umbrella with them. I see it as a happy, childlike element, something positive, colourful, something that brings … Read More