I’ve always wanted to join The Folktale week challenge. The concept of it has always been appealing to me and folktales are very much close to me. I believe my illustration style goes pretty well with this type of literature. So last year I finally did participate with few illustrations and this one below was my favourite.

Painting of a The Sleepy Twinkle Star

The topic was PATH. I decided to illustrate the Slovenian story ”Zvezdica Zaspanka” –  The Sleepy Twinkle Star.  It was written by Fran Milčinski – Ježek in 1952. It was the first Slovenian radio play and has been performed as a puppet theatre play. Later it was published as a book story. It remains one of the most popular children’s stories in Slovenia and it was also one of my favourites when I was a kid and I still love to read it to my kids! I hope you will like my interpretation. I have painted the scene where The Moon sent The Sleepy Twinkle Star to Earth.

⭐ ”Twinkle Sleepyhead is the youngest star in the sky. Because she constantly comes late to her work, the Moon sends her to Earth to punish her. She may return to the sky when she proves that she has learned her lesson. ” (Wikipedia)