In October, I took part in a competition hosted by a smaller publishing house Redpaperkite from Australia. As soon as I saw that they would be hosting a competition in the summer, I knew that I wanted to take part in it. The books they publish are extremely beautiful to me and I would like to work with them sometime in the future.

The theme of the competition was the following: Fire Dragons, Warrior Princesses, Hungry Bears and Magic Fairies. Is there something more beautiful one can wish for? A content purely for me. Dreamy, in another world, whimsy and naughty characters, magic and dreaminess. This is what came from it.

Submission for redpaperkite, left side

I did not win the competition, but I was chosen as one of the three finalists. I was definitely insanely happy! Despite the fact that I did not win the competition with my whimsy characters, they will still come to life in a different way. Namely, as an art prints. Many, many of you have written to me that I have to make them out of this illustration. So now I don’t even have a choice. : D

Sumbission for Redpaperkite, right side